Security announcement April 29th 2015

  • Wednesday, 29th April, 2015
  • 10:36am

During this night there has been a strong attack on the server related to your web hosting account (if you do not have a web hosting account with us, your other services were not affected, but you can take into account the contents of this email likewise, because it contains important information that applies to all Web servers) and that has caused a problem of accessibility in which the server seemed not responding: the web pages could not be displayed and emails could not be sent or received fluently, causing shipping and connection errors, but note that there have not been any lost emails during the attack.

This attack affected all the customers that have a web hosting account on this server.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused during this period.

The attack has been blocked and rejected properly and to prevent further reoccurrence, we have initiated a process to increase security.

The origin of the problem was due to a web page from a client that had not been updated in a long time and did not have the latest security enhancements.

In AuralSolutions servers rules a very high security policy and despite we will increase it, it's necessary and mandatory for each user to take care of maintaining updated his/her website, especially when it comes to open source engine installations such as WordPress, Joomla etc...

If it happens again that an attacker can take control of server resources by taking advantage of a vulnerability in a website, the owner of that website will be held responsible for it and will have to cover the costs that entails, so it's important to be protected with the latest security updates. In addition of keeping your website system up to date, there are other ways to prevent an attack, such as hiring an extra service to have a web site firewall and malware scanner.

We have partnered with the following service to offer an additional layer of security to our customers. You just have to click on the image to see their security services and protection of web pages. They offer a firewall and other antivirus firewall.

Sucuri Security

In recent months cyber attacks have increased exponentially and it is important to be informed and protected against these things. AuralSolutions does everything in its power to protect the accounts of their customers, but the maintenance of web pages is the responsibility of each client unless you have a maintenance service contracted with us, so our team will take care of these things. If you already have a maintenance package, you do not need to do anything, since we are in charge of keeping the engine of your web up to date. If you do not, please act as soon as possible or you can also hire the maintenance service by clicking here. If you do not find what you want, you do not want a package or want us to do this update for you only one time, you can contact us by email or by opening a support ticket from the client area.

Please contact us if you have any doubts about this or you need help. We will be happy to assist you and guide you properly.

With best regards,
AuralSolutions Team

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