Neustar, the .BIZ Registry will be increasing the prices of .BIZ Domain Registrations, Renewals and Transfers by $0.90 USD. As a result, we will be increasing our prices effective 30th October, 2015.We encourage you all to buy several years of this extension at once before that date, to benefit from the current lower price.We remember that this ... Espandi »

30º Ott 2015
Security announcement April 29th 2015

During this night there has been a strong attack on the server related to your web hosting account (if you do not have a web hosting account with us, your other services were not affected, but you can take into account the contents of this email likewise, because it contains important information that applies to all Web servers) and that has ... Espandi »

29º Apr 2015
TRUSTe Privacy Policy Discontinued

We would like to inform you that our vendor, TRUSTe, has decided to discontinue their TRUSTe privacy offerings. We currently offer two TRUSTe privacy policies: TRUSTe Privacy Policy and TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal; both policies will be discontinued effective Thursday, April 30, 2015. You will be able to continue managing your existing TRUSTe ... Espandi »

29º Apr 2015
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7º Dic 2012
New Product: TRUSTe Privacy Policy

We're proud to introduce our new product: TRUSTe Privacy Policy from as low as $24.95USD /yr! TRUSTe Grows Your Website and Online Business Remove legal hurdles and create sales opportunities by increasing customer confidence. TRUSTe makes sure your privacy practices are sound and reflect your company's dedication to online safety & ... Espandi »

26º Apr 2012
Nuovo aggiornamento dell'area clienti!

Abbiamo rinnovato il nostro motore di area clienti, con un aspetto più fresco e moderno! Speriamo che vi piaccia questo grande cambiamento. Ancora una volta, vi ringrazio molto per la vostra continua fiducia nei nostri servizi, visto che sono l'essenza della nostra azienda. Non esitate a inviare il vostro feedback su questo nuovo ... Espandi »

19º Dic 2011