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Benefits about registering/renewing a domain for more than one year.

  1. SEO scores better: If search engines see that the domain still has a long life until the next expiration date, you get better rankings on your web page assigned to that domain.
  2. You save money: By registering or renewing domains for several years, you can save money in two ways:
    1. The price per year when paying several years is usually cheaper.
    2. The domain providers are used to increase their prices over the years. If you register/renew many years now, you're safe that what you pay now it's cheaper that what you will pay in the future.
  3. Peace of mind: You know that your domain will not expire soon, so can be assured to keep it and don't lose it.
In any case, when you're going to register a domain, look if there is an offer, because the offer usually is for 1 year registrations. In this case you can register your domain for one year and then immediately extend more years, so you save twice: for the offer and for the bulk discount.


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