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I received the following email. What does it mean?

Subject: [] Daily Security Digest
Dear Site Admin,
The following is a summary of security related activity on your site. For details please visit the security logs.
Lockouts: There has been 1 host locked out.
This email was generated automatically by iThemes Security
To change your email preferences please visit the plugin settings.


It is a notification from the security plugin you have installed: "iThemes Security".

It tells you that there has been a "Lockout" (it's a block).
That means that someone has been blocked after trying to access the administration panel of your website too many times with erroneous access details. You can access your WordPress control panel and review the "logs" section of the "iThemes Security" plugin to see if there has been a failed legitimate access attempt or just someone trying to gain control of your website and who was blocked in their attempt.

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