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From today we are happy to announce that we have implemented a page from where you can unblock your IP when the server has locked you out.

Just login into your client area here, head to the "Support" menu and click on the "Unlock IP Address" submenu.
Then enter your IP in the form of that page and it will be unlocked.

Please note that if you're locked out from the server, you won't be able to access to the client area neither from that IP that's being blocked.
You need to access to it from a different IP.

How can I access to the client area from a different IP?

For example, use your phone Internet access (disconnect from WiFi) and unlock your computer IP from the browser of you cell phone.
That way you're connecting to the web site with a different IP.

Another solution would be to use a VPN, such as Tunnelbear, who offers a free account that could come in handy for these situations or even NordVPN.

You can register a free TunnelBear account using the following link: www.tunnelbear.com

For a paid VPN, we recommend NordVPN. It has a very decent price, really a lot of connection points and it's very fast. nordvpn.com

With a VPN you can connect to the Internet via a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) Tunnel, that encrypts your connection to the Internet and shows the IP of the VPN instead of your own IP.

You can install the App on your phone of the VPN service you sign up to. You can also install it on your computer and activate the VPN just when you want to instantly change your IP and keep it switched off the rest of the time (in case of a free VPN, which has limited bandwidth).

Why has my IP being blocked?

The most common case is when you set up a new email account or change the email password. Your email client keeps connecting to the server with the old password and this triggers a false flag event, similar to an attack and the server blocks the IP.

So you should double check that all the login credentials you've entered into your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile phone... whatever) are correct.

If you keep using the wrong login credentials (if you don't fix that), then your IP will be banned again.

Maybe you also tried to login to cPanel with the wrong login credentials.

The server blocks an IP when there are repeated failed login attempts.

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