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You can send and receive emails usign the email client "Mozilla Thunderbird", so you don't need to check your email always from the webmail.
If you don't have this program, you can download your Mac, Linux or Windows version for free on the following web page:

After the installation, when opening for the first time, it will pop up the wizard to create a new account. If this is your case, please go directly to step 3.

If you already closed the wizard or you already had Thunderbird installed, please follow these steps:

To set up your email account:

1- Open Thunderbird, go to menu: Tools -> Account settings...
2- On the next window, please click on the drop down menu on the bottom left: Account options.
3- Click on: Add new email account...
4- Fill out the fields and click the "Continue" button.

After few seconds, Thunderbird will load some configuration parameters.
5- Please select the type of account you would like to create: IMAP or POP.

Please check that:

6- The username is the same as the email.
7- The IMAP/POP/SMTP servers should be: mail.yourdomain.ext (please replace this with the details sent to you)
8- If any of the previous two steps need to be changed, please click on the button: Manual config. If everything is ok, go to step 12.
9- Correct the appropriate fields.
10- If you want to enable security, please select SSL / TLS.
11- Click on the button: Test again.
12- If everything is OK, please click on the button: Create Account.

We'll return to the previous window.
In the white column on the left, you'll see the account you've just created.
To take full advantage of the services provided by AuralSolutions Services Ltd., we recommend completing the following steps, otherwise, jump to step 14.

13- Go to section: Junk Mail, under the name of the email account. Select the following checkboxes:
- Enable adaptive spam control for this account.
- Rely on the spam headers sent by: SpamAssassin.
- Move new junk mail messages to: (Leave the first option checked).
14- Click on the button: OK (bottom right).

Finished! Thunderbird is now configured to use your email account.


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