Important services for your WordPress website

We take care of improving your WordPress website Security and Speed + more!

WordPress Security Pack

Significantly improves the security of your WordPress web site to prevent hackers to gain access to it and use it for non ethical purposes, such as sending spam, steal your data, spread malware, etc... and ruining your site reputation.

Every WordPress site should have this kind of security.

Includes 1st year of updates for the security plugin.

WordPress SEO Speed Pack

Speed improvement for WordPress based websites.
Significantly improves the speed of your WordPress web site to up to 250ms of page loading time. Each page may differ, but average pages should load in under 1 second. This also depends on the performance of your web hosting account and other parameters, so if you are not yet with us, what are you waiting for?

Your visitors will really appreciate it and you'll get better SEO score.

We'll install and configure a premium plugin and perform several other actions that will significantly boost your WordPress Site, to achieve the best performance at this level.

PRO Version Includes 1st year of premium license for the WordPress Speed plugin.

WordPress Security + Speed Pack

Take WordPress SEO Speed Pack and WordPress Security Pack at once and save 195€!
Improve these 2 important aspects of your site for better results.

Contrata WordPress SEO Speed Pack y WordPress Security Pack al mismo tiempo y ahorra 195€!
Mejora estos 2 aspectos importantes de tu sitio para mejores resultados.

WordPress Update Service

We'll be in charge of keeping your WordPress site up to date with WordPress System, Themes and Plugins updates.

The service includes the update and also any required changes to be done to the site settings or the template in order to make it work properly with the new version.

We'll also perform a backup before and after the update on major updates.

WordPress Landing Pages Pack

Create stunning Landing Pages as target for your Ads to focus the visitors only on your offer. This is a full WordPress installation specially configured for this purpose and packed with security, speed and with a wonderful visual builder to edit/design your landing pages directly from the front end. You see the final result directly on the page editor!
It comes with several already premade templates to start from and you can build your own too.

WordPress GDPR Technical Platform

GDPR Privacy Law came into force in Europe since 25th of May 2018. There are several aspects we must be aware of and one of them is the management of the cookies and forms requirements, as well as the right to be forgotten.
With this package, we analyse your web site and provide it with the necessary tools to help you comply with GDPR.

Migrate Posts from one WordPress intallation to a new one

We will move all your blog posts with the images from your old WordPress web site to the new one, taking care to redirect all the URLs correctly from the old to the new domain, so you keep your SEO

Create New WordPress Site in 24h - Starter Pack

Package includes
- Clean installation and initial optimized configuration of a new WordPress website.
- Installation, configuration and lifetime premium license activation on the contracted website domain of the Brics visual builder and theme.
- Complete WordPress security protection
- Initial web speed optimization
- Cookie management with GDPR banner
- 30 min meeting for brief introduction to visual builder and getting started guide
Package excludes
- Design and creation of pages
Unlock your website's full potential hassle-free! Let us handle the technical setup while you focus on content and design. With premium theme, security, and speed optimization included, save time and money. Need assistance later? We're here. Take charge of your site's creation and let us provide the professional touch at the end.