New Product: TRUSTe Privacy Policy

  • Thursday, 26th April, 2012
  • 07:58am

We're proud to introduce our new product:

TRUSTe Privacy Policy

from as low as $24.95USD /yr!

TRUSTe Grows Your Website and Online Business

Remove legal hurdles and create sales opportunities by increasing customer confidence. TRUSTe makes sure your privacy practices are sound and reflect your company's dedication to online safety & security.

Turn Visitors into Paying Customers

Identity theft occurs every 3 seconds. To protect consumers, the U.S. federal government and many state governments have introduced laws that require websites to have a privacy policy. TRUSTe provides a low cost privacy policy solution that puts your website in compliance with the laws, and makes consumers feel safe doing business with you.

TRUSTe Benefits You and Your Customers

by 82% of

The TRUSTe Seal is recognized by 82% of consumers on the Web. With this highly trusted mark on your site, consumers are more likely to trust you and become loyal customers. Unlike free privacy policy templates that are not tailor made for your site, the TRUSTe Privacy Policy is in compliance with the law and TRUSTe's committed dispute resolution team handles complaints from customers.

How is a privacy policy valuable to me and my customers?

Increasingly, customers expect online businesses to post a privacy policy. The level of customer sophistication about privacy practices is increasing rapidly, and they are likely to leave a web site if its privacy policy is unclear or doesn't indicate a sufficient level of commitment to protecting information. And increasingly, customers hold businesses legally responsible for any discrepancies between their policy and practices.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy has been discontinued

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